Why Us

For any turn part that is small in size, we can be economical by atleast 30%

ATM successfully achieved success by deploying CNC Swiss turn machines to achieve high precision parts at substantially lower cost. Finding the right manufacturing partner isn’t always easy, especially when launching a product to market faster or achieving radical cost reductions.

Overcoming competitive pricing pressures and quality issues in the process, we know what it takes to turn manufacturing challenges into strategic business solutions. Our disciplined approach towards engineering & manufacturing and broad range of in-house capabilities eliminates intermittent downtime, streamline efficiencies and reduce risk – delivering high-quality parts to our customers on time every time.

The advantages of CNC Swiss machines comes from both.

  • Guide Bushing
  • Geometry & Mechanics in the tool zone

  • Depending on the machine, there is room for 20 tools or more in the tool zone. Since the machines are relatively compact and the tools do not have to move very far, the chip-to-chip time from one tool to the next can be one second or less.

    A single heavy cut removes all the necessary material, hence the surface finish can be excellent and this eliminates the need for grinding.

    A Swiss machine can make complex parts using simultaneous operations, and may be able to have as many as three or four tools cutting at the same time. In most cases secondary operations are eliminated, since a Swiss machine can mill, drill, ream, saw and do other operations within the machine. The part comes off the machine ready to ship. Setup times may be relatively short.

    If you are machining a family of parts it could take 10 minutes to change from one to another. Other changeovers might take an hour or two. Since our Swiss machines may have 20 or more tools mounted, we can plan our tooling so that all the tools we need for several jobs stay right in the machine. Once the machine is set up and the bar stock placed in the bar loader, our Swiss machine can run for hours with little attention. Which means the labor cost for the part is reduced.