Policy & Objectives


We are deeply committed to compliance with requirements and to maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our Policy Management System. Policy is embedded in our company’s culture – at each of our facilities and at every level of our organization, demands, and delivers exceptional policy.

Absolute Turning & Machine (ATM) is committed to providing the highest quality parts and services to our customers by:

  • Exceeding our customers expectations for quality, delivery, service and performance.
  • Continuously improving our quality objectives and processes through continuous reviews and feedbacks.
  • Meeting the requirements of global quality standards.
  • Engaging our people, ensuring they are aware of and trained in customer requirements and the Quality Management System.

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

ATM believes in customer satisfaction as driving force for its success.

The foundation of ATM’s customer satisfaction policy is based on “Customer Orientation”. We reform our business process and procedures constantly in accordance with the customer demands and expectations and target building long term relationships with our customers. We treat our customers as our partners and continuously work towards building value to our customers.

Every feedback received from our customers is perceived as a gift. We use all our resources resulting from our experience based on long years and our customer-oriented service, to convert these feedbacks into “customer satisfaction“.

Human Resource Policy

To motivate individuals to take responsibility, use initiative and therefore, protect their work and the results of their work incentivize them based on their value-added performance to our customers.

We achieve it by

  • Carrying out an objective and fair evaluation by taking the qualities required by the position, personal skills and individual performances.
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment by ensuring our employees.
  • Providing necessary training and development opportunities.
  • Implementing objective and fair salary system on the value created by all our employees who remain loyal to ATM’s values and work principles.

Our Quality Policy

  • To continually improve the effectiveness of our internal processes and the quality of our parts by continuously verifying that the integrity of our Quality Management System is maintained.
  • To provide our employees with the necessary resources, information and training resulting in employee competence and the awareness of the commitment to our Quality Management System by our Senior Management.
  • To instill the philosophy of our Quality Management System as a way of life for our managers, employees and outside interested parties in order to gain commitment for compliance of all our customers requirements in addition to those set forth by AS9100 and ISO9001 QMS.


We effectively describe the actions required to accomplish a task. We define the techniques of our organization to achieve sales success, customer service goals, financial goals and any other measurable aspirations of the company. We believe, the effective use of product implementations is the driving force in building a competitive edge for our customers, even more so today.

ATM strives to maintain a high degree of goodwill and brand image to emerge as a market leader in domestic as well as in international market. In this context, Absolute Turning & Machine. shall Endeavour to...

  • Act within the framework of an Integrated Management System which consists of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and AS 9100 Rev C Quality Management Systems -Requirements for Aviation System.
  • Adhere to all applicable statutory or regulatory and other requirements related to product, environment, health, safety and employee welfare.
  • Engage itself in the steady improvement in its quality, environment, health, safety and social performance and we shall motivate our self as well as our employees to achieve this goal.

We shall make this policy available to all interested parties and implement it through a frame work of objectives. This policy is applicable to all our existing and future activities in USA and abroad. We shall Review the policy as required.

  • Reduce defectives at final inspection by 5% yearly.
  • Increase on time deliveries by 2% yearly.
  • Reduce scrap by 3% yearly.

Absolute Turning & Machine is a manufacturer of simple to complex turned components with tight precision tolerances targeting a wide variety of customers ranging from Aerospace for Commercial and Military Applications, Military Defense Systems and Medical systems with compliance to ATM’s Customers Quality Requirements including those set forth by AS9100 and/or ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.

Our Quality Objectives

Our Quality Objectives are to provide and maintain high standards in all areas of performance in order to sustain customers expectations by providing the necessary resources, information and training to establish an effective and continuous improvement program including:

  • Suitability of parts & materials used in the product.
  • Ensuring compliance to our customer’s criterion as well as AS9100/ISO9001 QMS requirements.
  • Recycling or final disposal of product at the end of its life, as applicable.
  • ATM empowers its employees through involvement, motivation, and training.