A Swiss machine can make complex parts using simultaneous operations, and may be able to have as many as three or four tools cutting at the same time. In most cases secondary operations are eliminated, since a Swiss machine can mill, drill, ream, saw and do other operations within the machine. The part comes off the machine ready to ship. Setup times may be relatively short. ATM Swiss screw machines are capable of fulfilling demand for precision parts for many industries.

ATM houses over 16 Swiss types machines. View our equipment list for more information.
  • Citizen Swiss CNC Turning 20 MM Type IX- 1
  • Citizen Swiss CNC Turning 20 MM Type VIII- 2
  • Citizen Swiss CNC Turning 32 MM Type VIII-1
  • Citizen Swiss CNC Turning 12 MM -B12-1
  • ACME Gridley Multi Spindle- 4
  • Tornos 6 Spindle Multi Deco-1
  • Omni Turn-2
  • CNC Lathes-4